Denver broncos….. Superbowl Bound?

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

I sit here today conflicted about my Beloved Denver Broncos. Do I believe the Hype that they may eventually run the table and become a Superbowl Contender on Feb 3, 2013? my short answer is yes, my long answer is I have no idea.

Yes they struggled against the Raiders in the red zone, but they moved the ball between the 20’s like a hot knife through butter, and the defense did just enough to ensure a victory. To me, the telling part was the final clock killing drive. The raiders knew we were going to run the ball and Knowshawn showed up in a big bruising way. to get the ball back with 5 minutes left and not let them touch it again was huge for this team going forward.

Yes the Broncos are a super bowl contender, but it will have to shore up their redzone Offense if they want to be hoisting the trophy on Feb, 3rd in the Big Easy.


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