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The broncos lost to the Colts. lets all jump off the horse and send ol’ Thunder to the glue factory…… WRONG! everything that could have possibly gone wrong, went wrong for the Broncos. Bad bounces, horrific non flags, turnovers galore, and they still only lost by 6 points…  the recievers were getting smacked around like Ike vs Tina, and we still scored 33 points!!!! 

Yes, we have defensive issues, that Von alone cannot fix. it was his first game back and he was gassed, no doubt about it after 35 snaps. he would have had many more pressures and chances at sacks if Vickerson and wolfe weren’t getting pushed back like a republican regarding Obama care. 

I love Champ bailey, but the dude is a step slow. Champ, if you’re not 100% stay the hell off the field. we need help defensively, and we will figure it out, I HOPE. 

Offensively, the loss of Clady is big, if you thought chris clark could fill in without any drop off, you were wrong. He is not clady, he just isn’t, and there will be 1-2 times during the course of the game that Manning will be left to dodge like a squirrel on a highway. Although, on the sack/safety sunday night, if manning steps up in the pocket he doesn’t get touched…

The broncos will be fine. the fix is simple:

don’t make stupid dumb penalties, (VICKERSON….)

Halladay, put the ball in the OTHER HAND… if that ball is in your left hand, you don’t fumble


Broncos fans, take a deep breath,  its our turn to welcome shanahan back into invesco and he will be met with a rude awakening. Elway won’t be on his sideline to save him. he will be in the press box watching RG3 run for his life from VON, and watching Peyton and the boys romp, run and salute their way to a 40-21 victory. 

Don’t jump off the horse, the ride, while bumpy at times, will get us to the top of the mountain.